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2009 Rewind: U for Unlikely Combos



UNLIKELY COMBOS Note to local musicians: Playing guitar in the Moving Front might be the ticket to the next level. Just months after joining the band, Jeff Matika got recruited to join the touring line-up of maybe the world’s biggest band. Since April, he’s toured the world with Green Day. James Scott Cook, Matika’s replacement in the MF, still plays with the Little Rock group, but only when he’s not recording his debut solo release for TheRevolution, a new music company founded by Internet mogul Michael Birch. Cook and new label-mate Julian Lennon drew national attention when they released “Lucy,” a duet that pays tribute to Lucy Vodden, a childhood friend of Lennon's who provided the inspiration for the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." The song, written by Cook, landed the pair (and Little Rock’s Charles Wyrick) on the CBS “Early Show” and “Evening News.” That screenwriter Graham Gordy (“War Eagle, Arkansas”) and actor/director/screenwriter Ray McKinnon (“Deadwood,” “The Accountant”) worked together wasn’t a shock. Rather, it was how they collaborated that came as a surprise. Together, with actor Dave Parker, they made the viral video of the year, “Dwight David Honeycutt for Conway School Board.” Honeycutt’s bona fides include “the biggest dreams and strongest hands in this g-d state!”

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