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2009 Rewind: D for Dance Music



DANCE MUSIC You can’t say that Little Rock’s been a wasteland for those looking to get down — local promoters and DJ crews have kept the rave kids sated for years and Discovery, the Saturday late-night dance spot, turned 30 (!) this year. At the same time, the culture hadn’t exactly been thriving either. But 2009 felt like a turning point. Two new venues opened. Discovery’s Norman Jones transformed the cabaret room at Off Center into a dance club, Pulse, and restaurateur Jerry Barakat reconfigured Gaucho’s to accommodate the nightclub Rio’s. And while venues continued to book ’90s DJ heroes (like Crystal Method at Juanita’s), they also managed to score not just big-within-the-subculture names like Le Castle Vania (the Village), Borgore (Revolution) and Treasure Fingers (Downtown Music), but certified superstars like Girl Talk (Revolution) and deadmau5 (the Village). Cool Shoes, the monthly dance party at Downtown Music, kept packing in young folks. Two spin-offs died, but in December, Cool Shoes’ visual effects dude Cameron Holifield had huge success with a new party, Spectrum, at Star Bar. 

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