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2009 Rewind: C for Comedy



COMEDY Four of comedy’s biggest names made stops in Central Arkansas this year. Age and experience hadn’t changed Jerry Seinfeld and Robin Williams, who came to Robinson and Verizon, respectively. Seinfeld built his act around the same sort of wry observational jokes you remember from the “Seinfeld” days (“Why say a lot of things to a few people, when you can say nothing to everybody!” he offered as a new catch phrase for Twitter), and Williams, even after recent heart surgery, still spewed the same sort of unrelenting barrage of spastic free associations and impressions you remember from his coke days. David Sedaris, in Little Rock for a Literary Festival benefit, showed off his own observational prowess, noting that billboards advertising catfish and Jesus outnumber all others between Memphis and Little Rock. And Dane Cook, famous for celebrating “the shocker,” told jokes at Verizon about dropping your cell phone into a urinal. Woot, woot.

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