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Baking Down to the Deadline.



As you might suspect, I've been in the kitchen again, making Banana Nut Bread. This year I'll bake up three dozen loaves of the family favorite, along with carrot bread and apple bread and whatever else I end up getting a wild hair to make.

There's a step-by-step on Tie Dye Travels. Other tips for you: if you don't freeze bananas through the year, get the ripest ones you can find at the store. It's far easier to get your loaves to come out of the pan if you line the pan with aluminum foil and pull the entire foil out with the bread to cool -- you can either wrap the bread in the foil when it's cool or invert it at that time on a plate to slice and eat. The brown sugar topping can be melted in a little butter and drizzled over instead.

This is a good bread for shipping to friends and family. To prepare for such, I wrap each loaf three times: in foil (I usually leave enough to fold over in the pan), in plastic wrap to form a moisture barrier and then one more time in foil. I freeze the loaves for at least 48 hours before packing and shipping. They fit perfectly in the new small Pririty Flat Rate boxes.

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