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Friday To-Do: Daughtry



7:30 p.m., Verizon Arena. $31.25-$41.25.

Just in case there's any confusion, Daughtry is not just the last name of “American Idol” season five vet Chris Daughtry, it's also the name of Daughtry's band. Initially, after Daughtry's unwavering earnestness ran its course on “Idol” and he spurned Fuel's offer to join the band, he emerged with a band distinguished from its lead singer by all caps, like a shout — DAUGHTRY. This, we were asked to believe, was not a cookie cutter pop project assembled by 19 Entertainment, with help from superproducers like Max Martin, but a real deal modern rock project — something to give the Nicklebacks and Shinedowns a run for their money. And that's pretty much how it's gone. DAUGHTRY sold more rock albums than anyone else in 2007, and this year, with the release of “Leave This Town,” Chris Daughtry became the first “Idol” to release two albums that debuted at number one. Expect there to be an arena full of people ready to fist pump. Theory of a Deadman and CAVO open.

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