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The best Xmas rap ever*



The Dat Heat crew just dropped a free holiday mixtape. Like most mixtapes, it's fairly uneven, but essential downloading if only to get Bware and X2C's "Gift Rapping 2."

It's the perfect addition to your Christmas mix. It's wholesome — there's no cursing; dudes rhyme about Santa and Legos. It's way nostalgic, always a winning quality of a Christmas jam — Bware and X2C remember the Christmases when they got their first microphone. And it's crazy catchy. Both can ride the beat with the best of them and sound utterly unique relative to other local folks. Thinking broader, dig the Pharcyde sing-song in X2C's flow.

Download "Gift Rap" here.

UPDATE: This is probably faster.

And stream "Gift Rapping 2" below:

*At least in Arkansas.

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