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Saturday To-Do: Four on the Floor



Photo by Brian Chilson.

9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $5.

This ain' t the CBC Television sketch comedy series from the mid-'80s, and it's not the uniform rhythm so prominent in electro beats either. Instead, think drag racing, backseat sex, ripped jeans, long hair, booze and showing up late to class reeking of weed, and we've got Ground Zero for all that Four on the Floor embodies. Aside from a hell of a showing in last year's Times Musicians Showcase, FOTF's CV includes placing first in the 2008 Isle of Capri Regional Battle of the Bands (earning 10 large), opening for Heart, Ted Nugent and Jackyl, and claiming as loyal a fanbase as any other working band in town. The backstory deserves  mention, too. Guitarist Charlie Page, bassist Al Martin and drummer Mike “Daddy-O” Dugan, after 20 years of trial and error seeking a front man possessing both talent and personal chemistry, finally struck gold in singer E.C. Haynes. After a noticeable absence around town, FOTF's devout rowdies will be out in full force. Floor it.

—Paul Peterson

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