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The Rumor Mill.



Chasing down some rumors this morning... just heard that Crush Wine Bar is set to relocate to North Little Rock.  Of course, since they don't open until 5pm, I don't have firm confirmation.  But a good friend of mine apparently heard it at Diversions last night.  I'll follow up.

Oh, I forgot to mention Diversions.  They're open in the same spot that once held Lemon, a crepe place that somehow I failed to visit before it closed up shop.  I really should give it a try.

Also trying to track down word about Satellite Diner.  The website is hot and active and has guest musicians sitting in as early as Friday night; however, a blog reader reported a For Lease sign in front of the building, and I haven't been able to get through on the phone lines.  Will keep trying.

Do you have a rumor or update to share?

UPDATE:  Rumor's true, Crush will be moving to Argenta after this month.  Reader Paul Ward mentioned it was a rent increase issue.  I called tonight and sure enough... exact plans and the address of the new location aren't available yet.

However, that other rumor?  Unfounded.  Satellite Cafe is indeed open -- until 10 p.m. tonight.  We're going to have to make a special visit now.

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