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A Fun(nel) Time For All.


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During my research for this week's cover story (Arkansas-Made Stocking Stuffers) I found a lot of neat things that hadn't crossed my radar when I took the assignment.  One of those items was actually in my cupboard.  It didn't occur to me off the bat that Flossie's Funnel Cake Mix was an Arkansas product until I glanced over and saw it on a visit to River Market Grocery.

So I needed to see what's going on with that.  And I discovered that not only does Flossie's do Funnel Cakes... it's also the only place I've ever found that makes shelf-stable cotton candy.  No joke.  More on the jump.


Unusual and fun. Optimal ideas for a gift, even better when you can include an Arkansas food product. That’s where Flossie’s comes in. Flossie’s Funnel Cakes are a festival staple available to the consumer for use right at home. The company even puts together its own ring and funnel kit (made in a won’t-melt-in-oil metal instead of plastic) so you can bring the magic of the fairground to your home, without the carnies.

I like being able to make these at home -- though I have to admit, it takes a little practice to turn out a junior model funnel cake without blobs in the hot oil. Then again, they’re all edible. The Apple Cinnamon variety is good, but I still prefer the original. A 24 ounce can will run you $7.



Rick Waddle’s company got a big boost over the past few years by featuring the popular Funnel Cake mix and the manufacturing hardware on shopping channels on TV. Now the company’s experiencing another boom with the introduction of shelf-stable cotton candy. The confection is packaged in a moisture-free plastic, so it’s just as good when you receive it as when you buy it. I was thrilled to discover that it was just like what you get at the Fair, except it’s very consistent.

They do all sorts of packages of one ounce and larger. Might be the hot new stocking stuffer around here this year -- especially since you can purchase the smaller bags in bulk for less than a dollar a bag.

FLOSSIE’S FUNNEL CAKES & COTTON CANDY. Bring festival season to your holiday stocking with the new pre-packaged (and shelf stable) cotton candy. Funnel cake and corn dog mix, ring and funnel kits for home use. RANGE: Ring & funnel kit $9, funnel cake mix $7, cotton candy varies. ONLINE: Funnel cake mix & gear at www.flossiesfunnelcakes.com, cotton candy at www.flosszone.com. PHONE: (800) 844-3567 PICKUP: River Market Grocery.


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