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Insane Clown Posse.

If you're not in the habit of trolling Rock Candy's comment section, let me point you to Robert Bell's scathing review of Insane Clown Posse's recent concert at the Village. It's inspired much consternation amongst the local followers of Insane Clown Posse, the Juggalo/Juggalette community.

Below are some of the highlights and after the jump is a letter to the editor from Josh Malcome (Juggalo handle, Payaso), who runs arkansasjuggalofamily.com.
*"No matter where you are, if you're a juggalo, or a juggalette, and you see someone rocking an ICP t-shirt, or rocking the hatchetman, you feel instantly connected to them, and there are no harsh feelings, ever. There is a comraderie and a feeling when you're in a room packed full of juggalos, and lettes, that can only be described as pure magic."

*"Dude, makes me wanna get ig'nant up in this mug!!"

*"...to talk on the faygo, that is low. I am sure if Coke or Pepsi was sprayed into the air you would have been all for it! Right? Right! Faygo basically simulates unity and shows that anyone can afford it. While coke and Pepsi is 1.48 a pop Faygo tastes the same and is only 0.78 a bottle. TASTE the same! So stop hating and show us the love."

*"I am a Juggalette And a Nurse.. yes you can be both. Just because we are lo's and lette's does not me we can't do shit and be smart."

*"So we like some twiztid shit, we like the wickid shit, does that make us wrong? Only in the eyes of the ignorant, the unlearned."

*"If you start with carnival of carnage and make your way through the cards, and end up finally with what we all witnessed sunday night in Bang Pow Boom, you will see a much bigger picture than just a handful of freaks in makeup."
To the Editor,
    My name is Josh Malcome. I am a local Juggalo, and an Arkansan. I work for a website here in arkansas that caters to local Juggalos and Juggalo musicians. I am writing to you because of a, so called, Music Review that was written by Robert Bell and published on the 26th of November.
    In the review, as expected, Mr. Bell completely degrades the Insane Clown Posse's music and stage show. That is only to be expected from anyone who is not a fan, or have never heard of the group. What desturbs me, and the rest of the Juggalo Family in Arkansas, is the fact that he then goes on to degrade and insult the Juggalo community as well. We are a large group here in arkansas, and nationwide. We have dealt with our fair share of descrimintation and insults, but from a respected source such as Arkansas Times it was quite a shock. Here in arkansas, there are several HUNDRED Juggalos and Juggalettes. On our website alone, http://www.arkansasjuggalofamily.com, we have close to 150 members and several more who regularly visit the site. We were all shocked and outraged by the blatent and unnecisary degradation that we received from Mr. Bell's article..
    Please allow me to give an example. In the article, Mr. Bell writes about ICP and the juggalos: "... the group, and all that it embodies are beyond mere, everyday stupidity."  Is this the kind of thing that your paper supports? Uncalled for insults? Mr. Bell also references a website, http://www.juggalofaith.com , purposefully chosing the most shocking quote that he could. He quoted, from the website: "Attention North Caroline Juggalos and Lettes!! We have a homeless, pregnant Lette who needs a place to stay even if temporary. Can anyone help???"  We, the Juggalos, feel that this was an attempt to stereotype our community as "pregnant homeless failures". In truth, when I see that, I see somebody in OUR community trying to help out an individual in dire need. Is that something to use against a person? We do not know that woman's situation, but the Juggalo who posted that was trying his best to help her out. Also, I can almost promise to you that that woman and her unborn baby did, in fact, find a place to stay.
    We are often misunderstood and misquoted, but Mr. Bell's attack on our personalities was completely despicable. He, without bothering to read up on the subject, is quoted as saying that Icp's music is: " ...filled with allusions to a quasi-theological bit of flimflam known as the dark carnival." This, most of all, is offensive to me. Had any actual investigation been put forth, Mr. Bell would have realized that the "Dark Carnival" is actually an allusion to God. ICP and the Juggalos use the term Dark Carnival interchangably with the word God. This can mean either the Judao-Christian God, Allah, or any Diety that you chose to pray to. Juggalos come in an assortment of Shapes, Colors, and Relegions. The message behind the juggalos is unity, peace, and tolerance.
    If you would check the online edition of your paper, you will see many comments made on Mr.Bell's article, each from a Juggalo or Juggalette that has taken offense to his "Review". We are a group of individuals, just like any Social Club or Fraternal Order, and we demand respect. Your paper, or at least Mr. Bell, has lost many readers over this situation. I hope it is one that can be rectified. We are not upset that he did not like or understand us, but we are outraged because the unprevoked attack that you allowed to be printed, for all to see. We are working hard at gaining the respect of the community at large, and this has most definately set us back quite some distance.
    In closing, we would like an appology, and the simple aknowledgement that the attack, and that is exactly what it was, was unprevoked, and un-called for. If such actions are not taken, you can be sure to lose quite a few readers. This is my email address, and I am also available for contact at http://www.arkansasjuggalofamily.com/apps/profile/profilePage?id=42598833  I will be more than happy to ask other juggalos to send a message expressing their view on the entire situation as well, if you would like. Personally, I quite often read your paper, and thought much more highly of it than this. This is a disgrace.
                                                                 Awaiting Your Reply
                                                                                    Josh Malcome
                                                                                         ( Payaso)

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