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Last night: Tigercity



Tigercity, somewhere else.

Nov., 24, Sticky Fingerz

A friend once assured me that hipsterdom was moving past its characteristic ironic appreciation of the banal, plastic and wearily commercial. She said she’d read somewhere that the kids were practicing something called “New Sincerity.” This phrase, whether an actual cultural movement or not, is the best way to describe the popularity of such an oddity as the airy pop/soft-rock sound of Brooklyn's Tigercity.

It’s like this: falsetto vocals from front man Bill Gillim, backed by falsetto harmonies from bassist Joel Ford, who each look like they should be serving you a Pabst in a Williamsburg dive. Accompanied by white-boy funk vamps from guitarist Andrew Brady, and Greg Settino beating a sparkly drum kit with the aerobic enthusiasm of one of those legendary Studio 54 busboys. The constant whispery synths, and the danciest number “Are You Sensation” with its looped beat and heavy harmony, indicate they are not only pupils of the Hall and Oates catalogue. They strive to become a part of it.

Admittedly, at times it feels a little too derivative to be real. The intro to “Fake Gold” in particular mimics the overdone power-licks popularized by the likes of Journey or Survivor. There are a few moments in their set when the tunes are just a little too smooth to dance to—perhaps a soundtrack better suited for a 1989 roller skating rink. Despite the all-things-earnest pop performance, the patron not yet sold on this sincerity stuff might worry she’s enjoying the equivalent of a cruise ship cover band for the hipster set. However, with Tigercity, they sell it just hard enough, and it goes down so easy.

Natalie Elliott

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