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Stream/download: Love Ghost



He's angling to be the most prolific man in Little Rock music. Jason Weinheimer's just unveiled Love Ghost, his new solo project. He recorded it in the fall with Will Boyd engineering and Tulsa's Eric Amdt on bass, New Orleans' pedal steel whiz Dave Easley, Green Day's Jeff Matika on guitar and the Boondogs' Dylan Turner on drums. Earlier this week, Weinheimer mastered it in New York, and today you can stream it for free or download it (in just about any format) for $8. Hey technology!

It'll come out in physical form on Max Recordings soon. Love Ghost debuts in Little Rock at White Water next Saturday, November 28.

I just started listening, but on first brush, it sounds awesomely pop-y. Digging Weinheimer and Matika's harmonies. And Easley's pedal steeling.

Disappointed, though, that Weinheimer didn't take my suggestion and call the album "Succubus" or better yet "Succubus?"

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