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Go Nuts.


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It's that time of the year, when the trees give up their nutty fruit and hulls crunch underfoot.  With us, we miss out on the meaty goodness of pecans; the squirrels having long exhausted their supply of ammunition aimed at our dog.  But we know somewhere we'll find a roadside vendor who happens to have a bushel or bag full of cylindrical brown spheres ready for the nutcracker.

Nao over at GreenAR By The Day has a great post up on how to preserve your pecans.  The steps are easy.  I'd add that pecan shelling is an exercise best done on a back deck next to an outdoor furnace, preferably with a canine companion who doesn't mind a little bit of shell in the bits he might get. 

UPDATE:  Reader slydog's gifted us with four great spiced nut recipes.  Yum.


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