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Kris Allen, digested



* Stream Allen's self-titled album, due out for purchase on Nov. 17, here.

* Ryan Seacrest and are hosting a contest to bring Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta to the metro area that casts the most online votes. Or "demands" the show the most. You can only vote once. The contest runs through Dec. 18. Little Rock's currently only barely second beyond New York.

* If pre-order sales on iTunes and Amazon are any indication, "Kris Allen" by Kris Allen is gonna get destroyed in the "Idol" retail race. Allen's at #38 on Amazon's bestseller list, behind David Archuletta's Christmas album (#28), Adam Lambert (#10) and, if we're talking all Simon Cowell-related acts, Susan Boyle (#1). It's even worse on iTunes. Allen's at #96, behind Lambert at #18.

* The first reviews are coming in. Entertainment Weekly gives it a B-, says, "Allen gets himself stylistically lost somewhere between Fly White Guy Avenue (''Can't Stay Away'') and Bleeding Heart Boulevard (''The Truth''), while rarely visiting original territory." Some Idol expert at MTV likes it more, namechecks artists like Richard Marx, Goo Goo Dolls and Phil Collins.

* The album features sitar. [Reuters]

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