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Clark Duke, soon to own stoner comic nerd demographic



Here's the new trailer for "Kick-Ass," Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar's comic series. Glenwood's Clark Duke shows his range by playing a comic book geek. Look out for McLovin. He shoots someone at the end of this trailer.

Duke also features in the upcoming "Hot Tub Time Machine," which stars John Cusack, Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson as friends, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who "have grown frustrated with their adult lives. They return to the ski lodge where they partied as teens to find answers and are transported to 1987 via their hot tub, a bubbly time machine." Duke plays Cusack's younger brother and, according to this trailer, writes "Stargate" fan fiction.

In an interview with io9 last week, Cusack revealed that Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase also star and that there was pretty much no script. Potential!

Besides the cast, why did you want to get involved with this project?

Because MGM was making it, and they only had about half of a script and they wanted to start making it before the summer. So they said, you have to just go shoot it right now, and you can produce it, but you'll have to rewrite the script and write it, but you'll have to start in seven weeks. So it was a very insane project and time frame, but we decided to do it anyways. It was a mad dash. Because you know what the fuck? It's just this insane juggernaut.

With a title like that, it kind of has to go to that extreme.

Even the filming was that way, we only had about 60 pages of the script. We just had to write it as we went. A lot of it is improv.

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