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A Weekend For Lovers...



of food and wine.  Next week, Eureka Springs is hosting its annual Food and Wine Weekend - four days of fabulous wine pairings and meals offered by 18 different restaurants in the area. 

Some are extravagant -- like The Grand Tavern's $95 meal that includes House Cured Gravlox with Caviar, Lemon Lavendar Salad, Grilled Veal with a Fois Gras and Truffle Demiglas and Vol au Vent stuffed with Grand Marnier cream and strawberries.  Some are very reasonable, like Casa Colina's Tamale and Dry Aged Ribeye meal for $55.  There's even an incredible $395 per couple dinner being served at The Crescent Hotel that includes beef tenderloin, lobster tail, and wines that made my husband gasp such as a 1944 Royal Oporto Port and Grand Marnier 150 (I know, not a wine but I love Grand Marnier).

There are even classes.  Sharron McCarthy is doing classes at the Cottage Inn.  There's one on Saturday the 14th for $45 that not only includes a cooking class and wine seminar, but also a tasting of the dishes and chocolate truffles and... man, I need to stop writing about this while hungry. 

There's a lot more at the event website.  We're planning on heading up there ourselves (it's anniversary time) and can't wait.  Well, we have to, but we don't want to.  More information by phone at  (800) 344-6050.

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