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Saturday To-Do: The Moving Front / The Good Fear



Three of the Six Tom Petties. Dunno where the Heartbreaker is.

10 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.

For at least recent memory, White Water has copied the ACAC formula, with some tweaking. Smaller line-ups. Proven bands. Fewer good costumes. This year, the bill — which features the Moving Front as REM and the Good Fear reprising their Six Tom Pettys and the Heartbreaker from last year — is a traveling Halloween hoorah. On Friday, both will be in Fayetteville at the Boom Boom Room warming up. Which is good not just because it means the bands will have a test show under their belts, but even more because, while you could imagine a band winging it for one cover gig, two shows means actual practice. I know that's the case with TMF. Dudes are usually fairly blase about what they're doing, but not about this. They know it sounds good. Practice or no, the Good Fear should be sturdy from their blonde wig extravaganza from last year, which was nothing but fun.

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