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Trickin' Treats: An Open Line.



On the suggestion of a reader, an open line talking about something pretty urbane... Halloween treat offerings.  The ghouls and goblins (and undoubtably the Scream masked and Hannah-Montana garbed) will be hitting the streets Saturday night looking for goodies to fill their bags.  Here at our place, we hand out individual bags of microwave popcorn and Playdoh; the neighbors tend to look at us as eccentrics, but that goes far beyond October 31st.

There was once a time, even within my lifetime, when you could ring a doorbell and be treated to a homemade popcorn ball or caramel apple.  The fear of razor blades and hypodermic needles ended that, even bringing some parents to taking their kids Halloween booty to the nearest ER for an X-ray before meagerly doling out sweets to the young'uns. 

I've been on the giving-out side of Halloween ever since my little brother got to the 'tweens and thought it was uncool to do the door-to-door thing any more (much less dressing up -- his loss).  Now that I have a child of my own, it'll be interesting to see what turns up in those goody bags -- which reminds me, there's still Boo at the Zoo (which Hunter very much enjoyed).

So here's your chance.  Want to talk about what you're giving out?  How about what you wish was still allowable?  And admit it, you've likely snuck a piece of candy out of your kid's overloaded bag -- what's your favorite?  Have fun, and remember to wear your reflective clothing. 

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