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Chris Denny and the Natives make Paste list, match wits with Ben Nichols


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The music magazine put them in its list of "The 10 Best Bands We Discovered at CMJ 2009."

Here's the blurb:

We’ve been hearing about Chris Denny for a long while now, but it took seeing him live for his warbling country crooning to take hold. His voice sounds like something that should have first been recorded on a slate record, but the vintage sound pairs beautifully with unadulterated electric guitar and organ.

ALSO: I've been meaning to post a link to the long Interview magazine style Q&A with Chris Denny asking Ben Nichols questions for Brooklyn Vegan. You can probably guess the hilarity, intentional and otherwise, that comes when you put two of Little Rock's most prolific drinkers in an interview. Below, I've posted my favorite section. (By the way, you've all read Gerard Matthews' sharp profile of Ben Nichols in the latest Times, right?)

Denny: we all know Ben Nichols has his vices and ain't afraid to write about them....whiskey, women, tattoos, women with tattoos, whiskey, women with tattoos drinkin on whiskey...but on this new album, i feel like I'm hearin' a lot of gambling references too. Where did these come from, have you been hittin' the Tunica casinos without me?

Nichols: Naw. Never been a gambler. 'Hey Darlin do you Gamble' is a quote from the Townes Documentary Be Here to Love Me. It was Townes' pick up line to his third wife. Thought it was brilliant and I had to borrow it. Not sure what the other ones are ... Sixes & Sevens? That's about spending too much money at a strip club in New Orleans. Lipstixx specifically.

Denny: Oh nice, strippers. That was one i left off. Not gonna lie man, I've got into some trouble at those places too.

Nichols: I do not doubt that.

Denny: Alright, now that we're back to your privates. So i kinda have this impression of you, Ben Nichols...

Nichols: (laughing) yeah, i think i know what you're sayin' man.

Denny: well, we haven't known each other that intimately for very long, besides drinkin whiskey at White Water and playin' a little bit of music, I know we've done that together.

Nichols: yessir, we have done that.

Denny: so what else do you like to do when you're not touring and playing music 250 days a year? besides drink whiskey

Nichols: hang out at home, read comic books, listen to music. hell, im addicted to all these HBO series just like everyone else - i might watch a little True Blood, a little Generation Kill. They're all pretty badass. And yeah, if I'm in Arkansas, as you know, i do hang out at White Water quite a bit.

Denny: And do you ever see yourself wanting to spend that time with someone else one know, like with one woman? Ben Nichols with one woman. married. how do you feel about that, about marriage?

Nichols: hmmmm marriage. that is an interesting question. I guess I've always felt like my career choice and marriage didn't fit good all. so I've done a pretty damn good job at stayin' single and unencumbered for most of my life. It is just a lot easier to go on the road if you don't have anything at home that you miss or care about, but i guess, maybe sometime down the road in the future..I'm gettin older, I'm 35 now...

Denny: damn Ben, that is old dude

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