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Kiss-Off winners



Congratulations to Glen Hooks and David Doty, each of whom won a pair of tickets  to see Kiss play Verizon Arena Thursday night. They were among dozens of surprisingly touching essays we received in our "Tell Us Why You Deserve KISS Tickets" contest. Grandfathers wrote in on behalf of grandsons. Mothers on behalf of their grown sons. And several, including Doty, wrote for their kids. Check out his winning entry after the jump and look for Hooks' in Thursday's paper.

My eight year old son Nick is my life. He's a great little guy who makes pretty good grades and loves Kiss. He's never actually seen them live but he has gathered the action figures, videos,etc. through Christmas and birthday gifts. He even convinced my mother (St. Ethel) that Kiss wasn't the demon possessed, out for her sons soul that she had battled with me over when I joined the Kiss Army at fifteen years old. I guess you can figure out how he came to know and love Kiss. She bought him and has actually played Kissopoly with him on my living room floor. For a number of years l have promised him that when and if Kiss ever came around he and I would go. He even bought a facepaint kit a couple of years ago and still has it in the closet just in case. He told me that he's probably the only little kid at the Baptist Church he attends that even knows anything about Kiss. I think he's probably right. I had planned to buy tickets when I heard the concert announcement and shared the news with him. He was even more excited about the concert than the upcoming Halloween! I'm not going to be able to. We are so upside down with St. Vincent and Baptist Hospital over recent medical issues that we just can't. I told him yesterday afternoon. He was heartbroken and told me that there went his once in a lifetime chance. My wife and I consoled him last night by watching the Scooby Doo episode guest staring KISS. A coworker shared with me about your giveaway and told me to give it a shot. I think he deserves to be able to see them and I know that Kiss may never do this again.

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