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Bacon Delight.



Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you… battered deep fried bacon.

This logical procession from deep-fried-anything at the Fair and the ever popular Pig Licker (chocolate covered bacon) has lead to its ultimate conclusion.

Strangely enough, it seems like the Arkansas State Fair is one of the first to present this confection of meat candy goodness, at least here in the States. Yes, there was Chicken Fried Bacon at the Texas State Fair, but that’s different, right? Right? I have one reference found of a county fair in Scotland serving it up this past May, and know that the North Carolina State Fair (which started yesterday) is also selling it. But since we’ve had our Fair going for a week, I think we take the greasy prize. C'mon, we deserve the credit for at least one more Fair innovation! More on the jump.


Battered Deep Fried Bacon is the brainchild of the folks at Harold Jones Concessions, right near Ground Zero of the Food Court at the Fair this year. They’ve been thinking about it for a while, but only unveiled it for us this past week right here. The Pittsburg, TX based concession has been coming to the Arkansas State Fair. They brought two trailers to this year’s Fair -- the other serving up that old time favorite, funnel cakes.

I must admit, I didn’t try it… allergies being what they are, I wanted to live, that sort of thing. So it wasn’t until I could bring out a traveling companion or two that could both consume pork and tell me about it that we could give it a try (my daughter seems to be able to ingest pork, but her verbal acuity is still lacking). My husband, Paul and our friend Leif split a $6 boat… Leif referred to the experience as “gilding the lily” but Paul was quite taken with the balance between salty, crunchy, and battery… er, I can’t think of a better way to put that. Let’s just say he thought the batter was an extra special touch.



While porcine delights are past my possibilities, I am a traditionalist on the funnel cake front and must have at least one before I conclude my Fair adventures each year. My daughter is still relatively new to the experience, but she took to it like an old pro. Obviously she takes after me, barely waiting until the pastry was cool enough to touch before reaching out and grabbing a bit off for herself. We took turns tearing off bits for her and some for ourselves.

The Arkansas State Fair will be over come Sunday, and its epicurean sins will soon become a memory to savor until next year. Why not indulge just a little before it’s gone?

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