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KABF not tied to ACORN's fate



Local community radio station KABF will survive even if ACORN doesn't, according to station manager Willie Cosme. The radio station is located on the top floor of ACORN's headquarters on South Main.

Though ACORN was instrumental in starting the station 25 years ago, Cosme said that ACORN's relationship with the station is limited to serving as landlord, fiscal agent and occasional media partner.

ACORN, of course, is struggling in the wake of a video scandal. It's lost government funding and a number of major foundations have expresses reluctance to continue to provide support. Earlier this week, ACORN in Arkansas fired more than half of its paid staff.

KABF is owned and operated by the non-profit Arkansas Broadcasting Foundation. It's supported by grants from the likes of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting and the Arkansas Arts Council and, to a dwindling degree, listener pledge drives. (Full disclosure: I'm a longtime DJ on KABF).

Cosme said that the station would likely find a new fiscal agent (someone to pay bills and handle accounting), and if forced, would move to new a new location.

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