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Just For Fun: Birthday Food.



The plethora of food-related offers in my inbox this morning ahead of my annual natal anniversary along with recent conversations with friends led me to wonder if anyone's interested in finding out what bountiful birthday offerings are out there for food lovers.  I find myself innundated with offers of free food, such as a shake from Arby's,  a scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins, a Nutter-Butter sundae from Logan's Steakhouse (location just opened in Conway), a free sandwich from Schlotzky's, all sorts of stuff.  And heck, my birthday's still half a week away.

I know these chains offer these nibblings to get you into their store and onto their customer lists.  But what about our own local places?  Do our eateries and such take similar actions to bring customers in the door?  Should they?  Personally, I think I'd prefer something of that sort than some chain (that may or may not require employees to wear "flair") which sends badly tuned singers to your table to belt out a rendition of a birthday ditty.  Here's a chance to talk about it, just for fun.

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