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Ben Nichols is a muppet


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"Darken My Door" by Alex Mecum.

Lots of Lucero news to report:

*The limited edition blue vinyl version of "1372 Overton Park" is available for sale on the band's website. It comes with an mp3 download code. Other versions of the album don't come out until Oct. 6.

*The video above is the first of 12 fan-made videos the band's commissioned to promote "Overton Park."

*"White Water Tavern nights/old songs and cheap red wine" is one of the lyrics in "Darken My Door."

*A little opinion thrown in: The horn section is going to be contentious in Lucero-fan-land, but I think it's a big, positive addition.

*The band's added a series of dates recently, two that you'll probably care about: A free one in the Levitt Shell in Memphis on Oct. 8, where they'll debut the horn section, and one at the Village on Dec. 4. Tickets aren't on-sale yet.

*Ben Nichols is gonna be on our cover in October.


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