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We've asked now and again for reader contributions to our Eat Arkansas blog on restaurant experiences. We ask again. Good, bad and indifferent are welcome.

Today, comes a restaurant assessment in the negative category from a regular blog reader on Copeland's, the New Orleans-flavored chain.

What do you think?

September 21, 2009

Dear Editor:

I have never been so ripped off by a restaurant  that I’ve been prompted to write about it.  Copeland’s  of New Orleans at Shackleford Crossings claims to have the largest seafood selection in  Arkansas.   Really?   Catfish, shrimp and a salmon “special” is large only if you live in the North Dakota State penitentiary.  My husband’s steak made him long for a Slim Jim and my crab cakes would be rejected by a cat food company, not for lacking the appropriate cat food texture, just none of the crab flavor.  Furthermore, the kitchen could have gone ahead and snipped pencil erasers into my pasta along with the shrimp;   I would have never known the difference.  Just to really round out the brutality of the dishes, their sauces were so over-salted I swear I could feel my skin shrink and crack.  And lest I forget to mention, the only thing remotely “New Orleans” about the place was the annoying Cajun music. 

With plates full of uneaten faux  food, we asked for the check.  I would have been less insulted if the waitress had just called me a whore and slapped the Maybelline right off my face rather than handing me THAT bill.  All I can say is, thank God for the wonderful restaurants we have in Little Rock.  If I could put a Lazy Boy and TV in the Star of India I’d probably never leave, everything you put in your mouth at Brave New Restaurant is like being French-kissed by an angel, and when I die I want to be buried in a Vino’s calzone.   A diet of Copeland’s  on the other hand , would drive the non-human primates at the Kabul  Zoo to cannibalism.

Cee Cee Sloan-Cicirello
Little Rock

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