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SL Jones reps on 'Underground Atlanta'



SL Jones is back. The Little Rock rapper turned Atlanta underground champ gets several good looks on Killer Mike's buzzy new "Underground Atlanta" comp that I told you about back in January (it got delayed a bit). You can stream the album in its entirety here.

Here's what Killer Mike had to say about Jones in a recent issue of Complex:

If you could imagine someone who has the subject matter of a west coast gang lifestyle, the harmony and the ability to use melody like a Drake or a Dre 3000, and the lyrical ability of a Fabolous, if you marry all that together, you still would only have 50% of how good Jones is.

Look, too, in the coming months, for a new mixtape from Jones.

"Whatever praise I get people always credit it back to Little Rock," Jones told me over the phone recently.

He said again that he hoped he'd break so that he could help turn bigger audiences on to Little Rock MCs like 607 and E-Dub.

Stay tuned.  

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