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Bright Little Bistro.



Another restaurant attempting to do the best it can with local and organic foods... Eureka Springs' Garden Bistro.  This little cottage on North Main Street has no standard menu.  The menu is written on the wall every day... and it's usually pretty extensive.  Chef Lana Campbell surfs local farmers markets and is also working on building a network of farmers to glean the ingredients for each day.  There are some non-local offerings, such as fresh seafood flown in from the Gulf.  It's all fresh, though.  I rather enjoyed the Squash Relleno -- the peppery stuffed and deep fried item you see above.  They also do something realy cute -- serving up hot bread baked in flowerpots to the table.  Cheesy goodness.  You can read more about it at ">Tie Dye Travels. 

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