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Take-Home Change.



Something I’ve noticed lately? “To-Go” cups. Maybe this is a generational thing. I can recall restaurants that charged by the glass for sodas. Like many Southern children of meager means, I developed a fondness for sweet tea in restaurants because I could have as many refills as I wanted, unlike “cokes.” It really wasn’t until the mid to late 80s that free refills for anything other than coffee or tea became prevalent.

These past couple of years, I’ve noticed more waiters offering (and more customers demanding) a “To-Go” cup for their drinks. I have benefited from this myself, but I wonder where the idea comes from. Is it a bid by wait staffers to earn an extra tip portion? By restaurateurs to gain the allegiance of customers? How does the price rack up for eatery owners -- I mean, outside of the cost of the beverage itself, there’s that whole nickel or so for each Styrofoam cup. And then there’s the whole environmental aspect to consider.  Just a thought.

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