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I Smell Smoke.



... and it's coming from Hot Springs.  Well, not yet, but it will be September 18th and 19th when the Smoke on the Water Barbecue Championship returns.  This is no backyard barbecue; $20k in prize money's out there, just waiting to be won.  The big purse is $3500 to the winner of the Champion's Purse.  Prizes will be awarded in  all four categories (chicken, pork ribs, pork and beef brisket) and to the top five overall cook teams.  There will also be a “best sauce” contest and Ribfest featuring several world champion teams selling their famous ribs and mouth watering barbecue to the public. There's other things too, like singers and a car show and stuff like that, but you can find that sort of thing out at the Smoke on the Water website.  Getcher butt (your pork butt, that is) out there.

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