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Whispers and Tweets.



Lots of news out here and there in the food world.  One thing that caught my attention this morning was a Tweet from The House:

New All-American burger: House-made mustard, ketchup, and pickles on Boulevard bun with grass-fed beef, onions, etc. It's great.

To me, that begs the question -- is that a Boulevard Bread Company bun?  Or another sort of bun housemade onsite?  One thing that I have enjoyed about The House is the buns.  And the housemade pickles?  Hm.

Also on the Tweets... Cregeen's Irish Pub's new location opening up this fall in Jonesboro.  Having lived up there before, I'm very surprised.  The town has always been notoriously short of alcohol-permit holding restaurants.  I assume it will be a private club?

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