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Zebra Ranch lives on



Jim Dickinson "Shake Your Money Maker"at Riverfest 2008 with Greg Spradlin,
Jason Weinheimer, Dylan Turner and Chris Michaels. There's another good one here.

The Zebra Ranch, Jim Dickinson's longtime trailer studio in Coldwater, Miss., where he cut albums by everyone from T-Model Ford to Amy LaVere to Lucero, will keep its doors open, according to the musician and producer's widow, Mary Lindsay in the Commercial Appeal.

"We decided the best way to honor Jim's memory is to keep the Zebra Ranch going with Luther and Cody standing in for him. His sonic genius and musical ambience are intact. So we feel like we're still being produced. It's easy to stay in sync with Jim. All you have to do is the right thing. And we feel like this is it."

The paper also has the requiem Dickinson crafted before he died :

I refuse to celebrate death. My life has been a miracle of more than I ever expected or deserved. I have gone farther and done more than I had any right to expect.

I leave behind a beautiful family and many beloved friends. Take reassurance in the glory of the moment and the forever promise of tomorrow. Surely there is light beyond the darkness as there is dawn after the night. I will not be gone as long as the music lingers.

I have gladly given my life to Memphis music and it has given me back a hundredfold. It has been my fortune to know truly great men and hear the music of the spheres.

May we all meet again at the end of the trail. May God bless and keep you.

World boogie is coming,

James Luther Dickinson

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