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R.I.P. Jim Dickinson



Little Rock native Jim Dickinson, the famed musician and producer known for his work with everyone from Aretha Franklin to the Replacements, died Saturday in Jackson Memphis. He was 67.

He'd recently undergone multiple bypass surgery following months of heart and intestinal bleeding problems.

In a diverse career that spanned four decades, Dickinson formed the Dixie Flyers, the Atlantic house band that backed Aretha and others; played keyboards on the Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" and Bob Dylan's "Time Out of Mind" and produced seminal albums by the likes of Big Star and the Replacements.

He also took a special interest in Little Rock music, producing albums by the Boondogs, Gunbunnies and Magic Cropdusters, and collaborating often with Greg Spradlin.

I'm hoping to explore his legacy on Little Rock music in the coming days.

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