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In and Out.



Lemon Crepe and Coffee Company has gone out in Hillcrest.  Signs say something called Diversion is coming in... we'll have to see what that's all about.

Bryant's My Big Fat Greek Cafe has big fat gone and disappeared. 

Very interested to see what the new Mediterranean restaurant going into the old New York New York Deli location will be like.  On a recent pass of the Shackleford location, it appeared that decor was going in and staff was being trained.

On the change front, Stoby's is apparently riding high on the Kris Allen wave and has expanded the menu to include dinner items such as fried chicken and chicken fried steak, along with a new white cheese dip.  After trying it, I can say it's decent but pales (no pun intended) to the original.

And Russellville's longtime best-kept elegant secret has suffered at the hands of Holiday Inn.  Cagle's Mill has been moved from its poolside location into what used to be a conference room area, and turned into a sports bar.  Many menu items remain the same, but alas -- what might have been Arkansas' best prime rib is now only offered on Fridays and Saturdays.

Notice any other new openings or recent closings?

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