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George Hamilton's tan, ability to wear funny pants honored



Wednesday, on his 70th birthday, Blytheville native George Hamilton finally got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His is number 2388.

Here's what Hamilton's long-time friend James Caan said at the ceremony:

"If anyone typifies most people's impressions of what a movie star is, what a movie star acts like, what a movie star dresses like, how he behaves, it's George...He's been doing it now for somewhere between 30 and 80 years. It pisses me off because I really don't know how long it's been because he still looks like a cross between Cary Grant and Tyrone Power. He drives the right car, he dresses in the right clothes, he's always in shape and of course, he's always tanned... He's a wonderful actor. He can sing, dance, wear funny pants. He's just an amazing entertainer."

"My One and Only," the Renee Zellweger vehicle loosely based on Hamilton's crazy mother and wild youth, comes out on Aug. 21. Hamilton served as a producer.

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