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Weekend To-Do: 'Jekyll and Hyde'



7:30 p.m., Weekend Theater. $14-$18.

The basic outline of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale should be familiar to all, but a little coloring in: In Victorian England, Dr. Henry Jekyll (Greg Robinson) seems to have the perfect life. He runs a thriving medical practice, has a beautiful and loving fiancee (Heather Goodson) and enjoys a deserved reputation in his community for his work with the poor. But he's a kook. He thinks separating a person's evil side from his good could help one to control his baser impulses. When he's denied the authority to experiment on a patient, Jekyll takes a chemical mix himself and becomes, of course, the dastardly Edward Hyde. A showgirl (Micah Qualls) gets caught in the mix when she comes to Jekyll for treatment, but can't help being intrigued by Hyde. Now, imagine all that set to music and you're ready for the Weekend Theater's production, which runs through Aug. 30.

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