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The Interview Project comes to Arkansas



Get yourself to David Lynch's Interview Project post-haste, film fans. Every day, since June, the site's posted a new short interview of different people encountered by Lynch's son Austin Lynch and collaborator Jason S. over the the course of a 20,000 mile, 70 day road trip that weaved throughout the U.S.

It's a fairly banal concept on paper, but the filmmakers have an impressive ability to get people to open up to camera — about abuses suffered, missed opportunities, family, hope. It's all filmed and edited nimbly, too.

There are three interviews from Arkansas: Hank, from Bellefonte, near Harrison, a veteran who's interviewed on a riding lawnmower; Joe Bratton, of Leslie, a polio survivor and ordained and licensed Baptist minister; and Anthony, from Dumas, who's full of confusing aphorisms like, “I don’t put my flavor in nobody’s Kool-Aid.”

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