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Tuesday To-Do: Zechs Marquise



9 p.m., Vino's.

It's safe to say that El Paso's reputation for birthing kickass, spazzed-out guitar and prog rock bands like, say, At the Drive-In and the Mars Volta, wouldn't exist if not for the Rodriguez-Lopez clan. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is, of course, a modern guitar god and one of the main creative forces behind At the Drive-In, the Mars Volta and number of experimental side projects. Omar's younger brothers, bassist Marfred and keyboardist Marcel (who also serves as the Mars Volta's percussionist), make up half of Zechs Marquise, an experimental instrumental quartet that's been likened to “Santana sitting in with Can.” So, sure, it's jazzy prog rock built around epic guitar riffs and organ drones, but, at least based on what's available to stream online, it's far less noodle-y and annoying than you'd imagine. Central Arkansas's finest young rock act, the See, delivers anthems like no one else around.

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