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Weekend of Food.



Eventful weekend.  Lots of stuff happened.  Checked out a couple of restaurants, which I'll be sharing with you later this week.  Also made the journey to Cave City for that fabulous free feast... which also turned out to be Hunter's first ever taste of watermelon. 


She couldn't get it into her mouth fast enough. Also discovered while I was up there that the combination of extra rain early and often with a little summer heat has produced an extra bountiful crop of melons up that way. Came home with half a dozen. Worth it. Also attended the Kickoff Party for Restaurant Week...


at the Oppenheimer Hall in the River Market. Lots of folks there... LOTS of people. Some restaurants, like the Flying Burrito Company, put on the dog with a big table of make-your-own burritoes. Some, like The Pantry, spread out with fancy things like pâté on toast rounds and another item which name I missed but which came across as German mac and cheese. Some... well, didn't. Did enjoy Za Za's gelato as a refreshing alternative to the heavier food items. So, what'd you do this weekend, fellow food lovers? Cook up something good? Attend a food-related festival? Ate somewhere neat? Here's a chance to share.

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