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Update: Bossa Nova


CAFÉ BOSSA NOVA Much cheaper and just about as authentic as a trip to Brazil is a visit to what has become an enduring and refreshing landmark seven years after its opening in Hillcrest. Rosalia Monroe’s house specialties are true and delightful, all the more for their uniqueness in a city that lacks diversity. Walk by early any morning to catch an aroma of the backbone of the menu, slow-simmering black beans. You can have them with rice, steak, chicken, collards, tomato slaw or just alone in their mellow wonderfulness for about $10 a plate. You can’t go wrong with a salad starter, enlivened with sweet citrus chunks and crunchy with toasted almond. Soups are good here, a gazpacho and black bean mix both piquant and cooling on a hot summer evening. Shrimp to moist, tender perfection in a creamy sauce on rice with julienned squash was a well-received nightly special. Open with a stout caipiriha, the cane sugar spirit cachaca muddled with lime and sugar. Close with any one of several house-made desserts, though we’d lean toward coconut cake. Don’t forget the famous cheese bread in between. Friendly service and piped music in tune with the food are other good notes. 2701 Kavanaugh Boulevard. 614-6682 $$ LD Tue.-Sat. Brunch Snday. CC Full bar.

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