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Wednesday and Thursday To-Do: 'Slumberland'



7 p.m. and 9 p.m., Riverdale. Donations.

If you miss one of these screenings for “Slumberland,” the breakout Arkansas film at this year’s Little Rock Film Festival, you’ve probably missed the boat. The filmmakers likely won’t screen it again in theaters. Another incentive: The screenings are free, though donations are encouraged — there’s another film to make. See “Slumberland” and you might be inspired to make your own flick. The collaborators behind the film came to it without what you might think of as prerequisites — skill, experience, money. Some of that lack, as director John Schafer has acknowledged, shows through. There’s a fair amount of shaky camera work and several stunted or overlong scenes. And the ultra-lo-fi aesthetic might be jarring to some. But the essentials are there in this story of drifting 20somethings struggling to relate. At the center, playing slightly fictionalized versions of themselves, are Zach (Zach Turner) and Rhett (Rhett Brinkley). Somehow, the pair — a local lothario and ne’er do well and a hapless romantic, respectively — are best friends. Comedy ensues.

[See a trailer and read a Q&A with director John Schafer here]

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