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This art project is cooler than your art project



From the mind of local artist Carey Voss and a host of collaborators, the Roadkill Project:

The general idea is this: make papier-mâché facsimiles of local roadkill. These surrogates are filled with soil and wildflower seeds. When completed, they are placed on (the *shoulder!* of) area highways near locations where the particular animal might be found. As they are hit by cars, trucks, etc. (as invariably happens to dead animals even on the shoulder of roadways), they will likely squish and break apart, spilling soil and seeds in nearby grassy areas. We'll mark the location of each surrogate with a stencil and we'll take GPS coordinates so we can come back later and find out where/whether any flowers might've come up.

More pics of the work in progress on the jump.

(Thanks for the tip, Jonelle!)


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