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Local poet Michael Inscoe, whose debut chapbook, "i am trying to please you because i care about you," is available for purchase at the House, has likened his aesthetic to mumblecore, the no-frills film movement focused on telling stories about young people struggling to communicate. Both can be maddening in their navel gazing and self-hate (Inscoe regularly derails his poems with some combination of “I don’t know” or “I feel stupid”), but where mumblecore films rarely acknowledge the humor in all the pained emotion and aimlessness, Inscoe’s often really funny wallowing in it. He over-shares, but often leavens all the sad-sackery with self-deprecation.

Here’s a particularly nice moment from an untitled poem:

I was trying to kiss you
you knew what I was doing
and I knew you knew and so on and so forth and
you weren’t opposed to it
not fully, I mean, but you
were opposed to it.

But my favorite, which also appeared in the first issue of the revived Localist is "marie." I can't indent without messing up the line-breaks. There's no way not to mess up the line breaks.

i want to be good at drawing and draw you 1000 really good pictures and give
them to you and try to kiss you and if you do not accept my kiss i will sit on your front porch and draw 1000 more really good pictures and try to kiss you again  and if you do not accept my drawings i will email your boyrfirned and tell him we had sex

ALSO: Here's a link to Inscoe's blog, where he often posts poems.  

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