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Suga City plots come back



Arkansas Bo and Goines of Suga City.

After establishing all sorts of buzz with tracks on several Conduit comps and mixtapes — including "Biggie," which garnered a bit of radioplay — growing an impressive fanbase and signing to Koch Records, local rap duo Suga City fell off the face of the earth last year. Arkansas Bo moved to Dallas for a 9-5. Goines started collaborating with rapper/producer Kwestion, and all the material the two had recorded for their debut gathered dust.

There's still no timetable for the release of those songs, according to Conduit ringleader Epiphany. He's currently working on a new deal for his label. Bummer about the delay.* At least based on what Bo and Goines were doing live before the hiatus, their unreleased material sounded sooo good. Slurred out and slowed down as usual, but with really distinctive, minimal production. One song I've talked about and written about a lot sounded like it was built around someone making motorboat noises with their lips.

BUT. Now comes word that the duo is recording brand new material for a mixtape to be released on September 11. It's called "Leaks of Controversy." I'm counting down the days.

*Below is one song from that unreleased batch, which likely won't be on the mixtape, that Conduit's put out their to whet our appetite for the forthcoming mixtape.

It's pretty great. Over a shaker and tense strings, Stuttgart's Slick Rick, Arkansas Bo, offers, with a mischievous smile you can hear, a nice counterpoint: "Hey girl, now what you doing over there? Come over here and feel the savoir faire."

Download: Suga City "Savoir Faire"

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