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Soothing Siesta.



When it comes to mixed alcohol drinks, I tend to go on the light side. Unfortunately, too many of our restaurants throw a token bone to those who wish to imbibe, and shortcuts are made. Which is why most of the time I won’t even take a second look at a margarita… out of that dread of receiving yet another alcohol drenched Kool-Aid facimile.

But I had to try what’s being billed as Eureka Springs’ best margarita. After all, that’s a pretty big claim. And I have to say, Casa Colina’s on the rocks offering is a damn fine margarita. Its clear simplicity and singing lime vibration is a cool and refreshing siesta inspired beverage.

You know, it was great, but I liked the restaurant’s red sangria even better -- a fantastic balance between sweet, tart, and mellow. And while next time I go I’ll recommend the margarita to my companions, I’ll be having myself another sangria.

Still -- how’s the food? Refreshingly light. More on the jump.


Light rain didn’t really disrupt our afternoon enjoyment on Casa Colina’s sail-covered decks. We relaxed in comfortable chairs and took our time deciding on entrees while waiting for our appetizer.

The Chilaquides ($6.50) were utterly fantastic. The light flour tortillas with their topping of cilantro, Feta cheese, and housemade salsa with a dollop of cool guacamole were so simple, so lovely, and so perfect to share. We dug on that so much.

My companion went for the Chimichanga ($9.50), which was nothing like what we’re used to experiencing when hearing that word. Sure, it was fried and in a flour tortilla, but any other resemblance ended there. The beef within was carefully shredded and full of spicefull flavors, and it was topped with a rich deep cheese sauce and chili powder.



I decided to go lighter and chose the Baja Fish Tacos ($9.50), calmly seasoned grilled tilapia and young greens and a sprinkling of red onion. Lime juice came on the side, and turned out to be the perfect little finish to the dish. We also appreciated the well seasoned black beans with their scattering of white cheese and the light and fluffy rice, both of which came in ample portions. Can’t wait to go back and try the evening menu, especially that half-a-roasted pineapple and the Aztec Boudin.

Casa Colina is open Wednesday through Monday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for lunch and 5-9 p.m. for dinner. You can find it on Planer Hill -- from U.S. 62 it’s just over a block north on Highway 23 (Main Street) up on the side of the hill. Has free parking, which is a major bonus. (479) 363-6226... and they have a website.

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