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'True Blood' embraces its trashiness


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Last season, the Arkansas connection coupled with my reluctance to try something new on a Sunday night — after, what's it been now, five years of ending/beginning a week with HBO? — made me push through Alan Ball's unfocused early episodes. That's when, you'll remember, in his giddiness to exploit the elastic potential of vamps in metaphor, he forgot to create nuanced characters. And hire a good dialogue coach or even, a novel idea: Southern actors. But, gradually, miraculously, as the first season progressed, the most loathsome characters died, a few compelling story lines emerged and Ball and co. embraced their source material for what it is — a trash novel.

In that spirit and with several inspired casting moves, the second season has found its footing. The plot's grown considerably more complex, and every episode this year has been stuffed full of blood and sex (and last night, bloody sex) and dialogue so ridiculous you kind of have to love it.

The video above comes from Comic Con. It's a teaser for the second half of the second season, which like the first will have 12 episodes. I guess it's spoiler-ish, though you're not going to learn anything huge. Evan Rachel Wood, who plays the Vampire Queen of Louisiana shows up at the end.

Also at Comic Con, there was a panel discussion where it was announced that Magnolia's Charlaine Harris has been signed to pen at least three more Sookie Stackhouse books.

AND: This was inevitable.

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