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Thick Syrup can't stop/won't stop



Thick Syrup Records is collaborating with Pearl Jam's Matt Cameron* on an upcoming compilation. The local label's Travis McElroy is currently at work on two compilations: one that'll feature bands that influenced McElroy in his youth, like Teenage Fanclub, the Posies, Mudhoney and Sebadoh (or at least side projects featuring members from those acts), and another that'll serve as the follow-up to McElroy's Arkansas compilation of the best in local rock and folk. This double-CD comp won't feature any acts from the first release. The Cameron material could go on the former comp or might go on a 7”, McElroy said. Additionally, Thick Syrup recently put out the double CD “I'll Be Moe,” the latest from David Fair (of Half Japanese fame). It's available via


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