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We glowingly reviewed the House this week (short version: best burger in town, nice atmosphere), but grumbled at the end about breakfast. Not so much at the House's change of heart about serving it (they are, after all, filling another long deficient segment of local cuisine: late night), but about this being another blow to Little Rock's paltry breakfast scene.

If you're looking for something traditional and greasy and casual on a Sunday and don't want to venture out west, your options pretty much begin and end with Satellite and Ozark. Or am I forgetting some hidden gem?

Leo's is good, but small and not open on Sunday. I haven't lived in Little Rock for 30 years, so I'm not under the spell of Brownings. IHOP and Waffle House don't count.

Before the House, there was talk of a collaboration between Scott McGehee and baker/chef Sonia Schaefer that sounded like the best thing ever. But it died on the vine. McGehee said awhile back it wasn't happening because it was too high end to launch in this economy, but a personal falling out between he and Schaefer surely contributed, too. More recently, both chefs, separately, tried for the House space before losing out to the House's Blevins and Coffin.

Here's to hoping that each of them (and several more folks) can find space/funding  soon and help turn this ship around. I'm desperate for some good hash browns.

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