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Poblano Pick.



There are so many cases out there where good Mexican and cheap Mexican food cross. I know, there are some spectacular taco stands around out of the back of vans and trucks, but there are also high-end Mexican-style restaurants that totally miss the point.

However, when I am in Pine Bluff I can depend on good food that won’t injure me at El Sol. The brightly decorated little restaurant in a strip mall west off the Highway 79 exit is a good joint to grab decently priced grub on the cheap.

I have to admit a fondness for the El Sol Lunch Special, a platter of meatless goodness that will fill up the heartiest diner. The centerpiece for said platter is a hand-sized poblano pepper, filled with cheese and deep fried and covered with red sauce. Served up with a “salad” of pico de gallo over cheese and lettuce, a swaggling dollop of guacamole, a sea of refried beans and an equally substantial amount of Spanish rice, it should quickly quiet any hunger pangs.


The salsa, by the way, is on the cumin/tomato side, and mixes so well with the white cheese dip and its slight tang of cilantro. And the tea (served up in Coca-Cola glasses) is pretty good. Haven’t tried the margaritas yet, but there’s lime and strawberry margaritas --and beer, too.  There are also non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas.

El Sol is located at 3801 Camden Road in Pine Bluff. They do take-out, too, as well as lunch and dinner seven days a week. (870) 879-2820.

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