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Handicapping Miss Arkansas



Morgan Hold, Megan Bowers, and Joi Chen

The preliminary results are in for the 2009 Miss Arkansas Pageant. These girls and this other one in a swimsuit are your early leaders. They've won preliminary awards for categories like Lifestyle and Fitness. That's the euphemism they've come up with for "Looks good in swimsuit."

After much deliberation, odds below.

2-1 Megan Bowers, "Miss National Park." She's had the evening gown portion on lock early. She's tall, has nice pageant hair and she's singing the quintessential pageant song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Her cause, "developing early literacy," is legit. And she seems to be following in 2008 winner Ashlen Batson's, er, ideas about presentation, too.

4-1 Joi Chen, "Miss Central Arkansas." A Hendrix grad currently enrolled at UAMS, who does ballet (exponentially better than acro-jazz or interpretive dance) and advocates for Habitat for Humanity? I'm totally rooting for her. But don't petite girls have uphill battles in pageants?

6-1 Morgan Holt, "Miss Metro." She's only 18, is one of three doing something to the song "Footprints in the Sand" and is advocating "promoting youth fitness," but more than anyone, she looks a Barbie, which should count for a lot.

12-1 Alicia Haflich, "Miss Lake Dardanelle." Props for forsaking Glamour Shots horror show for the wind tunnel magazine cover look. She's also doing tap to these guys, which is kind of cool.

30-1 Amy Crain, "Miss UA Fayetteville." If only. Her cause is "Bullying prevention and recovery" and she's clogging to some song called "Game Time."

Miss Arkansas continues through Saturday.

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