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A Lot on the Menu.




You’ve heard the old adage “do one thing, do it well”? Sometimes that’s how our restaurants should work. Places that do barbecue probably shouldn’t also do chicken salad. Dippin’ Dots shouldn’t do prime rib. That sort of thing.

But doing more than one thing well is all right for the folks at Conway’s Something’s Brewing. The little restaurant that could at Mill and Front Streets in Conway (and now, as previously mentioned on the blog, also at Pickles Gap) does a whole lot of things well.

Of course, figuring out which of those things you want to enjoy is a bit of a chore -- the multi-page menu is a mishmash of coffee drinks, desserts, lunch offerings, dinner choices, ice cream, and more -- not particularly well organized. Then again, with all those choices… well, more on the jump.


There’s no denying that the coffee drinks are right on target, or that the variety of scones and cookies and cheesecakes are decadent or delicious.

What I found most (or almost) most surprising was the quality of the sandwiches. I was brave and tried a Patty Melt the day I was in, and was pleased not only that it came out on good marble rye like a good patty melt should, but that it was well seasoned and came with a decent amount of onions onboard.

My dining companion went for the Pepperoni Panini, with its slices of pepperoni, provolone cheese, pizza sauce, mushrooms, red onions, and green peppers. Grilled peppers and onions are just da bomb, and here they are done pretty darn well.


I mean, let’s face it -- Something’s Brewing is primarily a coffee shop, and that’s where they shine. But on the other hand, if your idea of a coffee shop extends past the java and pastry point, this isn’t a bad choice. One word of caution, though -- the iced mint tea? Is not tea made from mint leaves. It’s flavored with mint syrup, which gives it a scary resemblance to mouthwash. My ordering mistake, not theirs.

You’ll find Something’s Brewing at 1156 Front Street (501) 328-5517... Also at Pickles Gap, as I mentioned. There’s a menu at the Conway Dining website.

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